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Warm you up by Wilson cashmere

It is no small wonder that cashmere is the most valuable and precious fibre in the world--coming from the downy underfleece of cashmere goats which live in such a thin atmosphere-the highest and most inhospitable plateaux where we are feeling ourselves touching the sky and grateful for the precious present that nature has so bountifully bestowed upon us-Cashmere, the fiber nearest to the sky.

Wilson trading, established in 2007, specialized in manufacturing and marketing cashmere products. We have our own raw material supply chain, spinning mill and knitting mill, which give us unique advantages to offer our customers these luxurious products at more competitive price. Our knitting factory have 10 production lines, the annual production capacity reaches to  160 thousand pieces with gauges from  5  GG up to  16  GG, and yarn counts from  26/2 to  50/2 . These products are exported to countries and areas all over the world, mostly to department stores such as Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, Nieman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Harrods...

We pride ourselves that we are making our products better and better-from the point of view of color, touching, designing as well as service, by our profound knowledge, rich experience and passion. We sincerely hope that friends throughout the world will find our products warm you through the cooler of Spring Summer months, and indeed through to the Autumn Winter and many more to come...